Your Move

Carefully designed user journeys across all devices

Design Development Responsive

Your Move is the largest estate agency brand in the UK. Facing a significant growth in online traffic (particularly from mobile and tablet devices) over the past few years, the company tasked Evosite to create a responsive web solution to meet the diverse needs of property sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants.

With a clear focus on user engagement and retention, the site delivers a comprehensive and easily navigable repository of information, along with an account portal to manage property sales, purchases and rentals.

Creating order out of confusion

Resolve poor structure and navigation

Like many websites of businesses that serve multiple needs, the Your Move site had evolved into something that was poorly structured and hard to navigate.

The first stage was to organise all the information to be presented according to clearly defined user journeys. The navigation structure was then overhauled to put everything a visitor needs to access no more than a couple of clicks away.

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Accounts for different user types

Account areas for property sellers, landlords, buyers and tenants were then designed from the ground up to include all the functions needed.