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Our agency journey



Back in summer 2001. James (Founder & CEO) and Alistair (Strategic Advisor) met while leading the creative and technical teams for a fast growing telecoms group. They soon recognised each other’s talent and vision for building digital products.

2002 - 2004

From 2002 to 2004 they collaborated on several ventures. This was the wild west of the internet. Anything seemed possible in this entrepreneurial age. They enjoyed the successes but James’ passion to build a leading digital agency in the South West was never far from his mind.


In 2005 the guys started exploring how a digital agency should look and operate. James spent almost 2 years working as a freelance creative within multiple agencies across the UK - understanding what worked, what didn’t, and where the opportunities lay.


At the start of 2007 James decided the agency was ready to be hatched. First challenge - find a likeminded technical genius. The solutions clients needed had to be built on an easy to use yet extremely powerful development platform - one that didn’t yet exist. James met Guy (Managing Director) while working as a project consultant. James knew instantly that Guy had the skills, drive and personal qualities to help him create and shape the agency.


In January 2008 Evosite moved into its first tiny office and made its first hire. 18 months later the agency had grown to 6 and had over 100 SME clients.

2009 - 2012

From 2009 to 2012 turnover doubled every year and the team became 20-strong. We won multiple national accounts and even attracted the eye of a Deborah Meaden from Dragons’ Den. We moved to multiple offices to keep up with the growth of the agency over this period.

2013 - 2015

Since then we’ve diversified into new service offerings such as Optimisation and Search and over 700 web solutions are powered by our bespoke enterprise software. We’ve worked with over 300 UK businesses including leading brands such as Flogas, Your Move, Apetito, TUI Travel and Laura Ashley as well as won awards for the rapid growth of our agency.


As we mark Evosite’s official 9th birthday with our passionate and talented team of 25, the future looks very bright. We’re still excited about the future, just as we were in the early 2000s; and still driven by the challenge of applying digital technology to generate the highest ROI for our existing and growing client base.

Our approach to
digital solutions

We know that websites can be more
attractive, less complicated, work harder
and convert better. Optimisation is
at the heart of our expertise.

  • A shared vision of success

    Successful projects happen when we share, collaborate and communicate openly. That way we achieve a shared vision of what success means for your business.

    Our engagement process helps us both discover if we’re right for each other. Clarity, openness and shared goals, grounded in mutual trust and professional respect.

  • A desire to create better experiences

    We begin by taking a customer-centered approach and looking into the weaknesses on your existing site, and how they can be improved.  A weak site could be one which lacks information, or has a disjointed customer journey.

    Creating a seamless experience that joins everything together works for your customers, and for your business.

  • A desire to provide the highest return

    Committed to delivering a high return on investment, our teams are agile to ensure we deliver the greatest value for your budget.  Our South West location allows us to be in London with in two hours and we regularly travel to visit clients all across the country.

    We don't work in the dark and our best relationships come from a deep understanding and collaboration.  It's when we see the best returns.

  • A hunger for continuous improvement

    Our challenge is to help you do more business, be more efficient and be more profitable.  Through the analysis of data; structured testing and continuous refinement, we'll ensure your conversion rates continue to soar.

    Expect expert advice, informed guidance and a shared ownership of your business ambitions.  We like nothing more than helping you make more money from your site and celebrating its success.

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How we can help

Websites and eCommerce stores don't succeed just by being there. Successful online trading today is much more than an appealing online platform.

Meet the team

Our expert team who specialise in eCommerce, Conversion Rate Optimisation, business systems integration, design, website development, marketing & PR.

  • James Shakespeare
    James Shakespeare


  • Guy Tucker
    Guy Tucker

    Managing Director

  • Aran Reeks
    Aran Reeks

    Technical Account Director

  • Chris Ryan
    Chris Ryan

    Technical Operations Director

  • Adam Phillips
    Adam Phillips

    Technical Account Director

  • James Eccles
    James Eccles

    Marketing Director

  • Ben Foord
    Ben Foord

    Head of Strategic Account Management

  • Kate Pearson
    Kate Pearson

    Head of Creative

  • Chris Sutton
    Chris Sutton

    Web Developer

  • Oliver Brown
    Oliver Brown


  • Lucy Halford
    Lucy Halford

    Key Account Manager

  • Rob Chettleburgh
    Rob Chettleburgh

    Senior Web Developer

  • Jamie Lomas
    Jamie Lomas

    Web Developer

  • Mitchell Brooks
    Mitchell Brooks

    Junior Web Developer

  • Glyn Morgan
    Glyn Morgan

    Web Developer

  • Paul Clark
    Paul Clark

    Senior Support Developer

  • Matt Difford
    Matt Difford

    Web Developer

  • Serin Rayner
    Serin Rayner

    Social Media & Marketing Executive

  • Ben Gosney
    Ben Gosney

    Web Developer

  • Tom Sangers
    Tom Sangers

    Head of Search

  • Simon Clarke
    Simon Clarke

    Senior Application Developer

  • Kieran Stainton
    Kieran Stainton

    Web Developer

  • Kathryn Vinclaire
    Kathryn Vinclaire

    PPC Executive

  • Matt Murray
    Matt Murray

    Support Developer

  • Vicky Ivanova
    Vicky Ivanova

    Web Developer

  • Tom Stark
    Tom Stark

    Web Developer

  • Liz Wormald
    Liz Wormald

    Account Executive

  • Adrian McGuinness
    Adrian McGuinness

    Apprentice Web Developer

  • Annelise Cowie
    Annelise Cowie

    PR & Marketing Senior Account Manager

  • Louisa Watson
    Louisa Watson

    Web Developer

  • Lauren Withers
    Lauren Withers

    Business Administration Assistant

  • Mark Halliwell
    Mark Halliwell


  • Jake Patch
    Jake Patch

    Apprentice Web Developer

  • Sophie Boone
    Sophie Boone

    Social Media & Marketing Executive

  • George Lucas
    George Lucas

    PPC Executive

  • Ivan Kokuti
    Ivan Kokuti

    SEO Manager

  • Robin Pringle
    Robin Pringle