Make sure your remarketing hints rather than haunts your visitors

31 Oct 2016

Hint: It’s all about the timing of the message

In a world where people no longer have any patience, companies have been trying to bring their products and services in front of us — more and more aggresively!

This isn’t a new idea. Today, we can’t go anywhere online without seeing some form of advertising, but these techniques of bombarding visitors with messages screaming for our attention are beginning to grate on visitors.

There are 198 million active adblock users around the world. A figure that has increased 41% in the last year. Whilst attention grabbing is a technique to attract attention and drive traffic to the site, you need to empathise and truly understand of the needs of the customer first.

Think about your remarketing strategy

When it comes to convincing the people who visit your site to take action and convert, remeber this:

One visit is normally never enough, it's not uncommon for over ten visits.

However, this does depend on the value of the product or service.

Remarketing performs well because the ads this audience sees across the web connect to their previous encounters with your brand and products. The phrase at the moment is connect with users at the “moments that matter”. This connection makes them more likely to buy.

Getting users to spend is an involved process that takes precision, brand reinforcement and normally a convincer that the user is going to get the best deal. Fundamentally, paid search marketing needs to support the value proposition and support the ‘why should I buy from you?’ Remarketing gives you a chance to do this, by, displaying the website back to users on the Google display network (GDN) with either a list of products they viewed (Dynamic) or bringing users back to the website by brand reinforcement.

Relevant advertising to interested individuals

Remarketing lets you segment your audience of past site visitors and deliver relevant ads for your search and display campaigns based on the actions people have taken on your site. To do this you can develop a number of strategies to engage with undecided voters.   

Remember to keep your strategies in-line with your users expectations as well. This can be done by adding a layer personalisation to your ads. And remember, be friendly and not overly aggressive in your ad copy.

Avoid following them around the Internet like a stalker by adding an impression cap on the number of visible impressions they see per day.

Strategies for high converting remarketed traffic

Strategies are constantly evolving as the technology improves and creative part of digital comes to the forefront.

Instead of just taking users back to the website, offer users a small incentive to re-engage with based on length away from site. For example, a simple 10% at checkout if they have not purchased within 7 days. If you do not want to offer discounts, then consider competitions or leverage your support for charities.

If you want to find out whether your current paid search advertising is on the wrong side of creepy, or looking to create a remarketing campaign from scratch - contact Tom Sangers, Head of Search to get the best return on your PPC marketing budget.