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Emerging markets are important and often get the most attention. But there are always improvements to be made in established areas. Often these offer a more reliable return. Scoring methods that balance risk and reward will help you ensure you’re making the best possible decisions and investing your resources in the most productive way possible.

Involve all stakeholders to get a rounded view of the changes you plan to include in your digital roadmap. In its simplest form, score initiatives by low or high effort and low or high reward. Effort can include time or money. Reward can include customer or strategic value, revenue potential or reducing costs.

eCommerce South West

The UK leads the way in eCommerce. Online sales per shopper are higher than any other European country, Canada or the USA and sales continue to accelerate. That’s why today’s theme is all about “Continuous Business Growth’’ - making constant daily, weekly, monthly changes to your websites and online presence to ensure you reap the rewards from the ever increasing volume of online sales. 

eCommerce South West