Creating a seamless customer experience and increasing leads

User Experience Design Optimisation

With over 30 years experience in providing energy solutions to domestic and commercial customers, Flogas are one of the main players in the LPG market.

Over the last few years there have been a number of revisions, with an increasing focus on ROI they wanted to ensure that all changes being made to the site were having a positive effect.

In our seventh year of working together, we are continuing to refine and improving Flogas’ website and My Account portal.

Driving more leads through the website

Visitors were being put off

With many energy services, including LPG, Mains Gas and Renewables, each Flogas Marketeer wanted their service to be promoted heavily.

We identified ways to improve this and stimulate lead generation to align with their sales projections.

In studying user behaviour on the site, we noticed visitors skimming over key information as it was written in bulky paragraphs, and the overuse of lead capture forms (due to the request of more and more across the site).

  1. Concise headline
    The key message stands out and conveys what is most important for the customer, not the business.
  2. Instant quote form
    The form was broken down to key steps and made more prominent to spark more attention and action from visitors.
  3. Informative bullet points
    Icons help explain key information points and bullet points make content easier to digest.
  4. Crystal clear process
    Explaining the switching procedure in three easy steps helps build confidence and motivation.
Flogas Case Study
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Create a simple and easy user journey

Our first change was to remove the excessive forms on the site, and instead focus on driving visitors to one key form. With this one change we found an improvement of 18%, simply by replacing a form on the page with a call to action.


We also looked to rewrite the pages to emphasise the key selling points, making them more concise and easier to read, especially whilst skimming.

New homepage to help users navigate the website easier

  1. Concise headline
    The key message stands out and conveys what is most important for the customer.
  2. Streamlined navigation structure
    The focus of our investigation was to make it easier for customers to reach their end goal.
  3. Customer reviews
    Positive rating from an unbiased third party service builds trust and allows visitors the chance to see what existing customers think of service.
  4. Helpful iconography and links
    Useful links throughout thepage help users navigate through the site and supporting icons strengthen the brand, explain titles and prime page content.

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Evosite have brought a new way of thinking, and their approach has consistently delivered results. We now heavily rely on data and insight to make changes to our website