Am I remarketing in mobile apps? Probably - and it could be killing your brand

Ellie Burns
By Ellie Burns
27 Jun 2017

Remarketing, done well, is a powerful way to build engagement with users after they have visited your website. It’s an opportunity to reinforce your company brand values or to promote the products or services people viewed to ease them over the final hump of the sales conversion.

A critical aspect of remarketing being ‘done well’ is placement. Not all ad placements in your remarketing will be right for your brand.

If you view your remarketing placement list, which can be found under the Display network tab, you might see something like this:   

  • Mobile App: Jigsaw Puzzle Collection HD (iTunes App Store)
  • Mobile App: Spider ▻ Solitaire
  • Mobile App: Super-Bright LED Torch (Google Play)
  • Mobile App: OfficeSuite
  • Mobile App: Battery Life: Your Battery Doctor (iTunes App Store)

What many brands don’t appreciate is that most remarketing strategies and impressions happen in Mobile App. If you have not placed an impression cap on the account (or even if you have), this type of remarketing can look like spam. Spam may not be an association you want to make with your brand.

We live in a mobile-first world and it’s estimated that over 80% of mobile internet use is in apps rather than the mobile web. This creates tremendous growth opportunities for marketers. Those who are evolving their measurement strategies to account for this new behaviour are seeing the greatest results. 

Mobile first

Not all strategies are right for all users

Mobile App remarketing might be right for some brands. But, if you are selling business to business or in the legal sector this probably won’t be appropriate. 

The other consideration is how your website looks on parked domains and error pages. It's not just about the user you are targeting, but how you appear to the user after they have visited your website. Remember, right time, right place and well measured, will turn growth opportunities into hard sales. 

To create a new remarketing list for your campaign, go to the Audiences tab in the "Shared library". Click + Remarketing list and select Mobile app users to create a new list and choose who you want to add.

If you want to control in-app remarketing you can apply site category options. You can block parked domains, error pages and in-game, or you can simply block in-app placements totally. 

Remarketing done well can be a highly profitable strategy. The secrets are to exercise maximum control over how and where ads appear and to measure everything as precisely as possible.

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