Digital growth and innovation in the South West

James Shakespeare
By James Shakespeare
19 Oct 2016

Evosite is proud to be the force behind E-Commerce South West - the leading digital growth event in the region.  In putting the event together the intention was to bring together some of the brightest minds in the industry to share their expertise and insights.

The broad focus is in keeping with our philosophy that continuous business growth needs an integrated approach. Search, user experience, design, development and optimisation all have to work together; underpinned by innovation and technology, with customer needs absolutely at the core.

Whether you’re B2C or B2B, continuous growth relies on maximising qualified traffic to your site. You then have to deliver the kind of exceptional experience that customers will want to repeat.

But nothing stands still in the digital world. You also have to continuously refine and improve to stay ahead of competitors and ever increasing customer expectations. Taking a glimpse at emerging trends, technologies and digital marketing practice was another priority in putting the programme together.


The speaker lineup for the October 20 event:  

  • Barend Faber, ‎Onboarding Services Manager - WhatUsersDo

  • Paul Randall, Senior UX Architect - Evosite

  • Matty Curry, Head of eCommerce - Lovehoney

  • Howard Scott, Digital Transformation Strategist

  • Lee Grogan, Senior Enterprise Consultant - Optimizely

  • Alex Smale, Managing Director - Tribemix

  • Aran Reeks, Head of Client Strategy - Evosite

If you didn’t manage to book for the October event don’t worry. We plan to hold similar events during 2017.