Launch of our brand new Optimisation Division

James Shakespeare
By James Shakespeare
12 Nov 2015

Your competitors are only one click away. Optimisation ensures that increasingly demanding customers enjoy an outstanding experience on your site and are never tempted to make that click.

The customer-focused approach

Memorable experiences online lead to customer satisfaction and increased conversion rates. But your customers don't think or behave exactly the same way as somebody elses. The more you understand your customers, the better you can design for them.

There is absolutely no reason why functional or design changes to your site should be risky, uncertain or tentative. With the right insights you can step forward with confidence.”

Gathering valuable customer insights

We engage with your customers to understand their journey, behaviours and triggers. Observing interactions with your website and listening to their needs ensures that the changes you make are beneficial. This is in the form of usability videos and a comprehensive website healthcheck, which we carry out before making any recommendations.

Through a further process of data analysis we map out areas where customers leave your site and suggest ways to keep them progressing through the journey, until they complete their goal.customers_insights

Turning customer insights into business improvements

Our optimisation services allow us to put these insights into practice, evolving and improving page designs and user journeys. The differences are measured and scientifically tested which allow us to say with certainty how much of an impact the changes have made to your business.

Given our experience in designing, developing and refining such a vast array of sites over the years, offering a dedicated optimisation service was the next logical step for us moving forward.

Over the coming months we will be publishing more articles that explore optimisation in more detail.

Are you ready to take your online business to the next level? Take the first step by arranging a call with one of our optimisation experts today.