How content paves the way to a healthier bottom line

Aran Reeks
By Aran Reeks
25 Apr 2016

B2B buying journeys are evolving. They are often complex. In most cases they start with a Google search for a product, service or answer to a problem. 

The first challenge for modern marketers is to capture awareness and attention by understanding what questions potential customers are asking. This isn’t always as easy or obvious as you might think.

Once you have their attention you need to keep it. To improve conversions you need to learn how to structure your content to pre-empt the next question, provide the clearest answer possible, and steer users to the next step of the buying journey.

Content pathways pave the route from awareness through to a defined goal or completed sale. Efficient journeys, created around  customer needs, and backed by evidence and research help convert more sales, faster.


You convert more sales when you think from your customers’ point of view. 

The Conversion Masterclass Evosite is running at the B2B Marketing Expo will help you plan your content to match the buying process, needs and intent of your customers.

Through this process you’ll be able to: analyse what answers your customers are seeking at each stage of the buying journey; provide the right answer at the right time; and make it easy and inviting to take the next step.

What we’ll cover:

  • Identify pages on your site with high bounce and exit rates
  • Discover what causes these breaks in the customer journey
  • Understand the buying process. What are you customers thinking and looking for at each stage?
  • Don't sell on the first page!
  • Writing content that works on the web
  • Calls to action that really trigger action
  • Take the hard work out of your forms

The workshop will be led by Paul Randall, our senior UX architect who has helped major organisations such as Flogas re-engineer their website content and achieve dramatic increases in conversion rates.

Workshop time: May 11th, Wednesday 15:00
Session leader: Paul Randall, Senior UX Architect