Evosite expertise acknowledged by Direct Commerce Association

Guy Tucker
By Guy Tucker
23 Dec 2015

Bonsoir of London, a retail eCommerce site created by Evosite was independently assessed as the number 1 retail website by the Direct Commerce Association. The DCA is a national body with members drawn from major players in the UK’s most prestigious retail organisations.


Having Bonsoir of London recognised by the DCA as the number 1 retail website of all member websites is a highly significant achievement for Evosite.

Sites were independently rated by industry experts Sitemore against six criteria. The most important of these looked at the site performance - ensuring that pages load quickly and that the site responds instantaneously when somebody clicks on a link or a button. The Bonsoir site scored a maximum of 10 for this category.

Clearly eCommerce websites have to look great. Yet many factors that generate the maximum number of sales take place in the background. The technology and skills used to build and maintain the site create simple and satisfying experiences for the site users. When everything works smoothly and efficiently customers are more likely to find what they want and complete their purchase.



‘We aim to ensure that users are never conscious of our sites doing anything. They have a simple, logical sequence of actions to get to a successful conclusion, without waiting for something to happen or wondering what to do next,’ said James Shakespeare, founder and CEO of Evosite.

Other criteria looked at whether all of the links within the site worked as intended and whether the site content was optimised for search engines and easy for potential customers to find. The Bonsoir site scored exceptionally highly in all of these areas.

The driver behind Evosite’s technology and approach has always been providing the most satisfying experience possible for site visitors. As the assessors acknowledged: ‘In many ways, customers of Bonsoir of London are benefitting with improved customer satisfaction as a result.’ 

“Evosite designed and developed Bonsoir of London a new online presence which has delivered significant improvements in all aspects of the business and a seamless integration with our internal systems and software.”  
Steve Burge, Marketing & Customer Services Manager

As James Shakespeare said: ‘we get excited about technology because of what it can do for our customers - helping them provide exceptional experiences for their customers and maximise their sales. That’s why we recently launched an optimisation division to offer our technical and commercial expertise to a wider range of businesses, even if we didn’t create their website.