B2B Marketing Expo - Sharing our eCommerce and Optimisation Expertise

James Shakespeare
By James Shakespeare
20 Apr 2016

Like most major players in online B2B marketing, we are really looking forward to the B2B Marketing Expo at Excel, London on May 11th and 12th. This is the big event of the year for everyone active in the UK B2B marketing scene.


We are preparing to bring you the very best of our expertise by running the Conversion Boost Masterclass. The masterclass is a series of interactive workshops run by Evosite’s Head of Client Strategy, Aran Reeks and Senior UX Architect Paul Randall. We’ll share insights and tips on user experience, customer behaviour analysis, content, analytics and optimisation. We’ll also be happy to answer your questions.

Whether you have an eCommerce shop, or a website selling B2B services, understanding how visitors interact with your site is vital. 

Our Conversion Boost Masterclass will give you tools and techniques to identify specific ways that you are making your customer's buying journey too slow, complex or confusing. We’ll also help you understand what you need to do about it.

You are then on a reliable pathway to converting more visitors into sales or enquiries.

Spaces for the workshop sessions are still available but are filling up fast so make sure you register here: http://www.b2bmarketingexpo.co.uk/masterclass/evosite/

B@B Insights

Here’s an outline of what we’ll cover:

Beyond Analytics: Averages and easily measured statistics offer limited insights. Where should you really be focusing? What data should you collect?  More intelligent metrics deliver actionable and relevant insights that you can use to direct experiments and enhancements. You can then spend your optimisation budget effectively.

Customer Behaviour Insights: Your customers are continuously offering you vital insights that you can use to improve conversions. Most business aren’t listening. Customer behaviour tells you a story that you need to observe and interpret. Find out how you can use these observations to your advantage.

Leaking Visitors and Sales: Every site visitor is hard-won. Yet most leave without buying. Discover how you can pin-point where and why potential customers are quitting your site so you can make improvements that will keep them engaged.

Content Pathways: The online buyer journey is complex - and it’s one you don’t fully control. The concept of ‘right content, right time’ helps you deliver content that meets factual and emotional needs at each stage of the buying journey - and beyond. 

A/B Testing: This is a basic but often misunderstood foundation of CRO. Learn how to construct a relevant test hypothesis, how to get statistically significant results, and how to focus on the measurements that give the biggest boost to your bottom line.

Speed = Sales: Your customers won’t wait for your site to catch up with their intentions. Learn some technical tips to speed up your site and deliver an outstanding user experience on any device.

Here's the full programme for our Conversion Boost Masterclass running at the Excel in London on the 11th and 12th May:

B2B Expo Programme

Our experts will be on hand throughout the two days. Drop in to see us at the Conversion Boost Masterclass space (stand 350) to discuss your particular online marketing and conversion challenges. Our Founder and CEO James Shakespeare along with Digital Strategist Daniel Oszetzky will also be available at the event eager to answer any questions you might have.